Enterprise DevOps – DevOps with open system tool integration with z/OS

Enterprise DevOps – DevOps with open system tool integration with z/OS


Z Open Development IBM z Open Development helps s z/OS development seamlessly with an established, open DevOps toolchain. IBM Z Open Development offers an integrated development environment and build automation capabilities, which are instrumental for a DevOps pipeline, and existing Mainframe Application supported by GIT. Z Open Development opens the door to a platform neutral, continuous integration and deployment pipeline that is inclusive of z/OS® application components.  zDevOps with below tools can better adopt and manage the transition from traditional to DevOps implementation with open source tools.

  • GIT
    • IBM z Open Development
    • Dependency Based Build with Groovy Script
    • Jenkins Integration for Continuous Integration and Build Automation
    • Urban Code Deployment for Continuous Deployment and automation

Benefits with this DevOps implementation-

  • Reduce silos
    • Mainframe and distributed development teams work together in a shared SCM.
  • Parallel development capabilities
    • Necessary for DevOps, parallel development is enabled by modern SCM such as Git and RTC.
  • Open integration
    • Tool chain-enabled by DBB for build and scripting, plus an Eclipse-based starter IDE

Here, GitHub for Source Control Management, and GitHub for z/OS is installed in z/OS LPAR to manage source code with GitHub. z Open Development for Mainframe application development IDE to code edit, debug capabilities. IBM Dependency Based Build for user build for application written with COBOL, DB2 CICS and IMS, this creates Groovy Script which is equivalent to traditional compilation JCLs / Process definition in Endevor

After successful compilation code commit and push into GIT. Jenkins Integration with z/OS helps to prepare the CI-CD pipeline. The z Open Development IDE  includes the Git Perspective to allow developers to create, add, and manage their Git repositories quickly and easily. This also allows to integrate Sonar cube with Jenkins and do code quality.

UCD z/OS agents need to be installed in z/OS by the  SMP/e process and the  agent should be active to connect with the Serve. Agent can be started either Started task and once active, from UCD Resource option allows to create Agent resource to show as active and online. From UCD component structure, the required component process defined as per deployment process and triggered via automation. We do have application process which invokes one or two component process to define entire application process. Thus UCD deployment for system z can be implemented with other open source DevOps tooling At VRG Technologies, we have strong expertise on DevOps and Enterprise Deploy both with mix of  distributed and z/OS systems and applications. For more information you can email us …………………………………………… info@vrgtechnologiesservices.com or visit us www.vrgtechnologiesservices.com

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