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DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations
(Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery
with high software quality. DevOps is complementary to Agile software development; several
DevOps aspects came from the Agile way of working.

  • DevOps developers assist in delivering applications and services at an optimal speed. Software development companies need DevOps to increase the deployment speed and put more rigor into software testing.
  • Plenty of Indian DevOps companies has risen to the challenge to offer Digital Transformation along with DevOps consulting & service.

Implementing DevOps as a startup

In many ways, startups have an advantage over established businesses when it comes to
implementing DevOps practices.

The earlier that an organization begins to develop its DevOps culture, the more deeply
rooted the principles of the methodology can be within the company’s workflows. Where an
established organization may have an entrenched culture, a start-up has the opportunity to
embrace DevOps from the earliest stages.

DevOps processes should be embraced from both the top-down and the bottom up. From
the CTO to the average engineer, teams should ensure they align on the principles of their
DevOps methodology and the philosophy behind its implementation.

If your start-up is ready to adopt a DevOps mind-set, take advantage of six free months of
our Performance plan and give your team the resources it needs to build and scale with the
most powerful automation tools on the market.

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DevOps Architecture | DevOps startup companies

To Implement DevOps in companies, we have various Open System tools that supports to
implement DevOps in distributed and cloud environments.

Agile Development methodology helps to construct the DevOps architecture so that
integration and delivery can be contiguous. In traditional SDLC, the development and
operations team works separately from each other, then it is time-consuming to gather
requirements, design, code, test, and deploy. Here if the requirements were not met /
understood properly then it may cause a delay in the delivery. Hence the DevOps enables
the teams to change their shortcomings and increases productivity.

Here Developer activities of plan, code , build and test were automated together automated
as know as Continuous Integration. Developer does the code changes in daily basis and
those code need to be stored in Source Code Management tools like Git, GITHUB , Bit
Bucket etc. and all the changes by developer has to be unit tested. When you refer Build ,
this is process of code compilation. This Build is not only compiles the code, but it also
includes Unit Testing, Code Review with Code Review Tools and packaging performed.

The code build tools like ANT build, Maven Build for distributed applications. For Mainframe
Application the build tool is IBM DBB( Dependency Based Build).

Continuous Deployment is the process in which the code is deployed to the production
servers. It also ensure the right version of software released is deployed properly.

Here the deployment can be manual / automated with help of configuration management
tools which play an essential role in executing tasks periodically and quickly.
There are some good configuration management tools namely Chef, Puppet, and

In some cases, Containerization tools are also playing an vital role in the deployment
phase. For containerization Vagrant and Docker best suitable tools.
These tools help to produce consistency across development, staging, testing, and
production environment. They also help in scaling up and scaling down instances

For Mainframe application the unit testing is automated with zUnit Testing
framework. zUnit testing framework has provisions for creating and running test
cases. This is unit testing frame work for Mainframe languages COBOL and PL/I.
This runs from TSO and JCL to execute the unit testing.


DevOps Automation | Devops startups in india

DevOps automating is set of activities such as infrastructure set up and configurations, continuous Integration, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Testing, Continuous Deployment and infrastructure provisioning. This automation helps industry in achieving in DevOps best practices with high speed, consistency, excellent accuracy, reliability, and increases the number of deliveries. Automation in DevOps covers all in one from the setup, configuring, building, deploying, and monitoring.

Our DevOps offering in Distributed DevOps environment set up with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with tools like Jenkins, GitHub, Sonar cube, Maven, Ant and UCD.

We can use GitHUb, GIT, Bit Bucket for SCM and Ant / Maven for build with Continuous Integration with Jenkins, and Continuous Deployment with UCD .

Our Services and Offering also extends to Enterprise DevOps as well. 

Enterprise DevOps in Mainframe Environment where z series system running critical business application that can be integrated with DevOps tooling which enables the

rapid and continuous delivery of applications and services by applying agile development principle and DevOps processes, tools, DevOps adoption for team, and stakeholders across the business.

Our DevOps startup companies India with DevOps Implementation followed by
The below are some of area of focus for any DevOps startups to Enterprise implementations
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