How to perform Impact Analysis with Enterprise Analyzer

How to perform Impact Analysis with Enterprise Analyzer

Enterprise Analyzer

An impact trace describes the flow of data within and between programs in an application: how data items exchange values, use each other in computations, and so forth. 

The Interactive Analyzer and Change Analyzer features will best provide the required details when we go for analysis

Interactive Analyzer

For Ex- Variable Name which you are looking for changes and analysis its traces with in  the program and with in application

  1. Interactive Analyzer -> Search Variable name -> 
  2. Look at Context, Code search , Data View can shows that variable
  3. Double click from data View to get its traces on Impact 
  4. Then do Forward Analysis from toolbar / navigate 
  5. Get Affected Programs 

The detailed Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer can be refered form below link

From Impact View Expand further and see how data flows 

From Impact View Expand further and see how data flows with other programs too





From Impact View tool bar

You can see the options for Forward and Backward analysis icon

Report Icon

For Affected Program Report

  • Clear content of Impact View 
  • by red X mark on tool bar
  • Then Detailed Analysis for selected variable from Data View

Change Analyzer

Change Analyzer identifies the class of data items used to perform a business function in a legacy application. 

Lets you answer the kind of “What if?” questions posed in the past by industry-wide changes for Y2K, Zip+4, or …

  • What if I change the type of this variable, or the length of this field? What other fields in the class will I also have to change?

Change Analyzer will help to answer this.

  • It performs an impact trace that shows the flow of data to the field, and to detect and resolve program ports. 
  • Reports showing source entities that might require modification, lines of affected code, and the like

Analysis works in two steps

  • Step1 – Provide the change Criteria
  • Steps 2 – Get the selected or whole list of affected programs

There is Report option to get affected source metrics, affected source codes, and list of segments / sources affected

It also provide Report

  • Report on Selected Program
  • Metric Report 
  • Report on Whole List

Metric report

Change Candidates to analyze for all programs

In conclusion, Enterprise Analyzer has got very good features and options to understand well Enterprise Application, Analyse and evaluate their specific needs and requirements for any Modernization or Migration initiatives.

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