Mainframe Enterprise Analyzer Interactive analysis

Mainframe Enterprise Analyzer Interactive analysis

Mainframe Enterprise Analyzer

Enterprise Analyzer is a Windows-based product for comprehensive analysis of a legacy system—from analyzing the data flow of a data item to visually exploring relationships between legacy objects.

Application objects are supplied as text files and loaded through a suite of language parsers.

Use it for analyzing and documenting legacy systems at both the application and program levels.

Use Enterprise Analyzer at the application level to:

• Create diagrams of applications.

• Perform change analysis across applications.

• Estimate application complexity and effort.

Use Enterprise Analyzer at the program level to:

• Perform program analysis in stages.

• Perform impact analysis on a program.

• Model and search the repository

Enterprise Analyzer is a model-based technology that generates information about legacy applications at two levels:

  • Application-level information describes the relationships between the objects that comprise an  application: its programs, copybooks, JCLs, BMS files, and so forth.
  • Object-level information describes the relationships between the abstract syntactical constructs that comprise an object: its sections, paragraphs, statements, conditions, variables, and so forth.

At both levels, the models are conceived as Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs). 

Each object or construct the parser generates is modeled as an entity in one of the diagrams.

The models are represented in tree form to users.

Application and Object Level Details

  • The object model for an application defines the relationships between the objects that comprise the application
  • The construct model for an object defines its syntax. It shows in abstract form how the syntactical constructs that comprise the object are related

A workspace is a named container for one or more applications.  Every workspace has a corresponding database repository of model objects.

Interactive Analysis

  • Interactive Analysis helps you to analyze legacy programs interactively, by examining synchronized, complementary views of the same information: source, context, impacts, and so forth. 
  • You can use Interactive Analysis to analyze procedure and data flows, stage program analyses, create a project glossary, extract business rules, and much more. 

Object Pane 🡪 Select the type and Search 🡪

Context View and source view  help to see the complete program flow and understand the data points, business logical flow

Advanced Search will help you to analysis code based on the selected construct . This is displayed in Code search view

Here Compute statement was analysed

The detailed documentation on Enterprise Analyzer can be found from below link

Advanced Search pane provide to do analysis on the any coding standard, business rule, data points, screen based data move , Logic Queries etc

Advanced Search pane provide selected some construct and List Source then

With in Code Search , Execute option on the Code Search View Bar helps to 

  • Create Rule  
  • Create Impact Subtree

Create Rule Dialog


New Name for Business Function and New Rule Set and Business Function, Rule set and Technical or Business description optional 

Rules Created, You can View from 

View -> Rules

Go to Grouping Pane to see the Rule

There is Autodetected Rule also found

From Object Pane Select the Source 🡪

Here Cobol Type selected

Program AR7200.CBL is selected

Then from you can get the program analysis form Context, Source and Code Search

View -> Data View will provide Data View of Program

View -> Data View  and Context view 

You can Interactively go through the code based on Data point related code flow 

View -> Program Control Flow  

You can Interactively go through the code based control Flow Execution 

View -> Impact View

You can do Detailed Impact Analysis from Impact View Tool Bar   

Reports on Affected Code  – Provide report on the selected Impact Code and it highlights those line of code that affects  

In conclusion, Enterprise Analyzer has got very good features and options to understand well Enterprise Application, Analyse and evaluate their specific needs and requirements for any Modernization or Migration initiatives.

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